Constructed on a rustic, heavily treed block in Warrandyte bounded by the Yarra River, this three-story American Style home not only complied with the property W.M.O. but presented an attractive and functional facade and allowed the owners to realize their vision of how they wanted their home to look. 

The design is complex, with three levels, and an intricate roof structure with hand-pitched dormers and gables.  Regular on-site meetings were held with the owners, to ensure that the home construction was proceeding according to their expectations.

The rear balcony allows the owners to look out into the treetops, and finials, fenestrations, and dome-top windows add to the considerable charm of this American-style home whilst maintaining strong links and relevance to the environment.

"Having the 3D pictures generated as part of the design process certainly helped us with understanding what would or would not work, making definitive choices and getting the design right for us and our needs."