Stuart & Kellie – ‘Birches’

Stuart & Kellie – ‘Birches’

In the beginning the project was somewhat daunting due to the horror stories I had heard from friends about their new home building experiences. We were wary of some of the pitfalls of contractors and builders who cut corners. This is nothing like the experience we had of building. 

The design process was impressive.  With the computer generated plans and pictures it was so easy to make changes and see what it would look like.  By the time the house was built it felt like walking into a cartoon I had watched many times before. Everything was exactly as we had designed it.

We were really concerned about choosing the right builder, and making the decision of which company to build with was a very anxious time. When we met Doug, all our worries seemed to dissolve. We immediately felt we could trust him and that he would listen to us. By the end we knew that he lives by his motto “it’s your home, and you get what you want, I’m here to make it happen”.

Coming from a sales and service background I had very high expectations of the service we would receive for spending so much money. I have to say that not only was I not disappointed, I was absolutely delighted with the level of service I received from the beginning to the end of the project. I felt as if I was the only client they had to deal with, and believe me, I can be quite demanding.

Even Doug’s family took an interest in the building of the house and we have forged a lovely friendship that we all hope will continue.

During the process we came up with a few new ideas, and Doug was always enthusiastic and helpful, pointing out the pros and cons, and excited by the challenges. I was amazed by his patience. 

Now that we are living in our home many of our friends have come to visit (during the building process it was the talk of the town). They seem to notice all the little things that took so much extra time and effort. The most common comment they make is “wow, you have put so much thought into the detail of this house. Every bit of space has been made use of”.

They also ask what our builder was like and are ready to sympathise with how stressful it must have been. We just tell them “our builder was fantastic, nothing was too much trouble, and overall the experience was a great one”.

We knew we could build a home with a project builder for much less, but seeing the amount of effort and thought it takes to build an individually designed home, we could see exactly where our money went.

I can’t express enough, the gratitude we feel towards Doug and his team for making this experience a joyous one, and bringing our dream home into reality.