Leanne – ‘O’Grady’s Ridge’

Leanne – ‘O’Grady’s Ridge’

Farm Houses of Australia are exceptional operators and exceptional builders of unique, personalized, high quality homes. From the moment I walked into their office, I was treated with the highest regard and had full comfort that the journey ahead would be in good hands.  I gave them a great challenge in regards to time constraints and within weeks the house was designed, permits obtained and construction planned and the building well on the way.  

As this may seem unbelievable, this was a definite reality as only a well-organized and structured team can achieve. 

Doug and his team personally paid particular attention to every detail of my house and I have not experienced any faults or complaints at all. 100% top job! The house has become a landmark of the district in Foster and everyone that visits my home is very complimentary. I am so proud. 

 My house is my dream home and every day, in every way I am thankful for the wonderful expertise and attention extended by the team at Farm Houses of Australia. 

 Thank you!