Greg – Tillmore

Greg – Tillmore

After building a project house in 1995, I vowed never to build another house again. It was delivered 9 months late and was a very frustrating experience.

Having bought a 10 acre block in South Gippsland I was faced with the excruciating prospect of having to do it again.  Then I met Doug Law from Farm Houses Australia, and building my dream home was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It was a pleasure to arrive each weekend and see the massive changes.  A frame one weekend, the next the roof on and the next fully plastered and locked up-amazing!

I worked with Sandy Law on the design for a few months, with each design chance being fully costed at the time. Each time a plan was sent to me, the cost of that building would be detailed. If I wanted bigger windows, the cost extra would be detailed in the next set of plans. It was a seamless experience. All of this design work cost the grand sum of around [$4,900].   It was a fixed fee, regardless of time spent.

Sandy worked with the local Council and obtained all the necessary permits.

Doug and his workers set up two temporary accommodation blocks on my property and lived there from 7am Mondays to 5pm Fridays, or more usually Saturdays.  We were at lock up in 6 weeks or under and moved in about 10 months from the start. It would have been 8 months, but the Cabinetry, which was not under Doug’s control, but mine, cost us 2 months.  During this period, Doug even had time for a mini-renovation at our Melbourne home.

Doug and his team were a delight to work with, and nothing was too much trouble. His team of subcontractors was exemplary and as hard working and as reliable as Doug.

I have nothing but praise for Farm Houses of Australia. I’m sure I’ll never have to build again, but if I did, it would only be with Doug and his team