Claire & Christian – ‘Heatherbrae’

Claire & Christian – ‘Heatherbrae’

After almost 6 years in planning and waiting for approvals we finally saw our newly completed home for the first time in December 2014 and we were not disappointed. For most, the building process comes alive each time you step foot onto your property to inspect progress. From the foundations to the frame and the floors to the paintwork owners can see how their efforts have paid off as the building nears completion. For my husband and I, this was far from the normal process as we have lived in the Torres Strait in Far North Queensland and more recently in Darwin for the entire time the house was being planned and built.  When fittings and fixtures were chosen, and the kitchen and bathrooms installed, we were more than 3500km away. This was a huge leap of faith for us. Our friends and family thought we were mad to carry out a project of this magnitude and cost from a remote geographic location but due to the excellent advice, planning, and support provided by Sandy and then through the build phase with the builder Doug, and his team we are very glad we made that leap of faith and had made the decision to appoint Farm Houses as our builders. 

From beginning to end the attention to detail and commitment to the client was evident. Responses to our queries were quick and considered. Sandy was very patient with our requests for modifications and subsequent revisions to plans and was very accommodating of our ideas, incorporating these into the final plan.

Doug’s attention to detail and amazing craftsmanship and skill during construction is testimony to the finished house that we are so proud to have standing on land that has been in the family since 1905. Despite difficult timeframes and distance to the build site, we could not be more pleased with our finished home. We have no regrets using a family-owned and run business and thank all of those who were involved in the build of Heatherbrae, a home that thanks to solid design and construction will be standing long into the future.

Our neighbours are impressed and pleased to welcome our new home into an area that has remained essentially unchanged over the generations and our family and friends are looking forward to spending summers and holidays in a truly beautiful property. 

Thank you Farm Houses.