Alan & Heidi – ‘Lakeburn’

Alan & Heidi – ‘Lakeburn’

We approached Farmhouses from extensive research we had done on American Country style homes. It was a dream of ours for seven years to have a home like the one I chose for our wedding venue. We interviewed a shortlist of builders who were building homes like these and found Farmhouses to be the best match for us.

Farmhouses would not compromise on our dream like some other builders-who would only build from 5 pre-designed homes, using materials we didn’t want to use, or advise you heavily to owner-build when we didn’t know anyone in the industry or even have the time to do so. Farmhouses custom designed a house with our specific wishes with the flexibility to be involved in the process by choosing our own materials and allowing us to liaise safely with the trades to help them understand our vision. If something didn’t quite work together with our block or design, we would swiftly come up with a solution.

Sandy is a delight to work with, who did everything in her power to deal with some frustrating and difficult situations during the planning process and came up trumps. Any stresses that we felt from council and utility companies were eased by Sandy and felt that the issues were placed in competent hands.

Doug was a very approachable builder who you knew had extensive experience in the field and during decision-making, could feel he had pride and integrity in his work. He did not make short cuts that would jeopardize the elegance, quality and style we were going for, yet he was a very efficient and organised person. Doug did his best to get the project progressing at a goodpace and worked cleverly around areas that were waiting for parts or installation. We had a good relationship right through the build and were able to work together on any changes or come up with new solutions. This was very important for us and are very fortunate to have had this kind of relationship when you sometimes hear negative things about the building industry.

I still pinch myself (figuratively) six months later, in our new home and marvel at the fact we get to live here, that this is our “home”. I feel this every time I walk up the path to our front door and feel so grateful that we found Farmhouses to help us translate our dreams of what constitutes our perfect home, and brought it to life.

We would recommend Farmhouses to anyone who asks us for advice and have only positive things to say, like “Go for it!”

Thank you again, Farmhouses!