The front facade of the “Kilmurray” home was designed to replicate the existing (130 year old) home on the site.  The owners loved the look of the original home, but it was becoming structurally unsound – their main criteria was that the new home must look the same as the original, but be completely redesigned internally to meet their current needs.

The resulting home is a striking re-creation with all the external charm of the original homestead, with modern functionality and layout.  High pitched roof with tall gables, double verandah line, shutters, and extensive front porch and verandah achieve the typical Australian “Farm House” look the owners desired.

Zoning within the home allows areas not in use to be isolated from the main living space, thus increasing energy efficiency.  The ‘U’ shape of the home creates a sheltered outdoor area to take in the property views to the south, whilst the deck and verandah on the north provide shade to the windows during the summer months.

“From the very start of the job everything was planned to mesh together and we have nothing but praise for Doug and his team"